Mountains & Miracles

This one’s going to be a long one, but God has moved me to share this. I was driving home from grocery shopping when God put the importance of climbing Life’s Mountains in my head. I started thinking about the mountains I’ve ascended in my life over the years and it hit me. I am the slowest climber ever! When I thought about why it takes me so long to ascend life’s mountains God spoke to my heart.

You spend too much time watching others climb their mountains.

BAM! A dose of truth right between the eyes. I do spend a lot of time watching others climb up their life mountains. Worst of all, I think about how easy their hill is compared to my mountain. I judge and wonder why don’t they just get a move on! It’s not that hard. Well guess what? We all have different paths to take, we all make different decisions and we all have our own mountains. Granted some people are climbing hills when I’m hanging off a mountain cliff praying for God to give me grace to hold on. Other times I’m sure I’m jogging up a nice hill at a steady fun pace while others are hanging on to their mountain for dear life. That’s where Miracles come in. Just as we each have our own mountain to conquer, we are gifted with individual miracles along the way.

See, I might need the miracle of hanging on while you might need the miracle of falling off. Sounds crazy right? No. The truth is some of us have to fall off our mountain to conquer it. Others have to learn how to hang on to build up their stamina for even worse situations in the future. I am even ashamed to say I have helped others fall off their mountain by judging, giving unwanted (what I thought was constructive) criticism and just being wrong about their entire situation. Meanwhile, I’ve got some of the best mountain climbing cheerleaders in my life. Women who shout from their own precarious precipice to keep me climbing upwards. So after my lesson from God about Mountains and Miracles I have made a conscious decision to shout at the top of my lungs things like….

HEY! You’re doing awesome!

Don’t you dare give up, God’s got you!

JESUS LOVES YOU….Keep Climbing

When you get to the top and find the trail that leads to me, can you give me a hand?

HEY! I’m coming for you, keep praying and keep hanging on.

I know you need to fall right now, but don’t worry, Jesus is waiting to catch you and I’ll be waiting here so when you get back to this point we can climb together.

The truth is no matter what mountain you are climbing there is a mountaintop (and it isn’t always at the top, it can be at the bottom) and Jesus is waiting to send you where he needs you. So my only advice, TRUST in JESUS to get you to the top or if he needs you at the bottom TRUST HIM enough to free fall to get there. If Jesus needs you at the top, run down the path that will lead you to the sister in Christ your meant to help. If  Jesus needs you at the bottom, fall…Fall as fast as you can, enjoy that moment in Jesus’ arms when he catches you and join up with that sister to help her up her mountain. And if you’re like me and you get caught up watching other people climbing…. :) Well, remember to bring that big mouth of yours to shout encouragement to the sisters around you. The fact is we can be someone’s Miracle by God’s power and grace

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