Writing as a Form of Worship

For writers can writing be a form of worship?

Walt and I were discussing this question several weeks ago. For those who sing there is hardly a question that this is worship. Most definitely everyone considers music to be the most common form of worship.

Recently I did a search on worship to see what other Christians say on this topic and I came across a good article on www.allaboutgod.com Two points that this article made were that worship is showing reverence and gratitude to God and that worship has to do with the position of our hearts. (For the complete article click here)

Quite frequently in writing I find that the words coming written are flowing out of the reverence and gratitude stored up in my heart. As I write I become more aware of who God is and the work that He is doing in me.

Learning from my own writing

At times I know there are lessons God is trying to teach me or I am trying to grasp the depths of a Scripture passage. When I put into words, on paper or on the computer screen, what I am learning – I find a whole new level to my Christian walk. The lesson now has written form and challenges me grow further. For me personally I think that often I do not learn all that He is trying to teach me unless I write it down.

Writing poetry or prose

Whether in literary value the poems I write are any good I don’t know but as I read through them at a later date they become like a psalm written from my own heart to God. I always date them in my journal which gives me an indication of my spiritual growth as well. Sometimes as I come back to a poem written years ago I realize that I have fallen away in some areas and seek repentance.

Writing for an audience or for God

Writing does have to do with the attitude of my heart. I can never write anything spiritually uplifting if I am attempting to write for an audience. The overflow of my heart filled with the abundance of God’s love – challenged to know my glorious Savior more – seeking to know His purposes in me; all this is a part of writing.

Therefore, for those of us who write let us all write for the audience of One. And if others are blessed in the process we are as iron sharpening iron, helping one another is our Christian walk.

About Naomi Fata

My name is Naomi Fata. I'm a wife, mom, work at home mom, writer and coach. I love to encourage others in faith, family and business. When I'm not sewing, writing, or encouraging you might find me buried in a book or jogging on the treadmill. You can follow my journey through facebook, twitter or instagram
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