Dear Ones,

Have you ever felt inferior or weak in a certain area because some inconsiderate person has labeled you as such?

Statements like;

    • You’re stupid
    • You’ll never amount to anything
    • Why waste your time with that project? It will never “fly”

and on and on……..

These negative statements (and a million more like them) are only labels that cause failure.  NEVER BELIEVE THEM!

In God’s sight you are special.  Equipped with wonderful talents and qualities readying you to accomplish the task God has for you.

As an example, look at Jabez’s life in I Chronicles 4:9-10.  His mom had labeled him “Jabez” or literally “he will cause pain.”

In the NJV translation you can better see how this label had effected Jabez.  He prayed that God would bless him and enlarge his territory.  However, he also remembers the label his mom had given him when he prays, “that I may not cause pain.”

God recognized that Jabez was an honorable man and not what the label suggested and answered his request with blessings.

Never see yourself in such a negative condition.  You can do many things well and are gifted in some things that only you can do.

Hang out with positive people and those who know how to show God’s love to others.

Let the only label you wear be FAITHFUL!

God will honor you and make you a success.

Love you and be a blessing,

Brother Walt


PS If you have been blessed by CRM please drop us a line telling us what is going on. We care so much about your spiritual growth and ministry to others. Our contact info is listed on the bottom of the page or feel free to comment in the box below.

About Walt

Self-employed with my own business, Northern Dutchess Locksmith
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