Broken Cisterns

Is it possible to allow God to undertake in our entire life experience? To find Him as delightful as our fathers of old had experiences; to expect the power of God to carry us through all of life’s tribulations and to turn our hearts into fountains of praise? Not if we have made cracked and broken cisterns!

For my people have done two evil things;
They have abandoned me-
The fountain of living water
And they have dug for themselves cracked
Cisterns that can hold no water at all! Jeremiah 2:13 NKJ

In the New Testament we see Jesus in Matthew 23:37 NKJ sorrowing over Jerusalem as He says; “….how often I have wanted to gather your children together as a hen protects her chicks beneath her wings, but you wouldn’t let me.”  We are God’s “called out ones” and spiritual Israel and we also need to heed this admonition today.

If we are living in our own strength, wisdom and strategies we are carving out broken cisterns. Churchianity is not Christianity. That looks more like unfaithful Israel; and they were carried off into captivity, slavery and defeat!

He gives us that perfect cistern as we come to Him in worship and devotion. That solid vessel (a true and solid relationship) which will contain His specific call of service for our lives. And when that is complete, a vessel so full of His blessing it overflows to others and becomes a “fountain of water springing up into everlasting life (John 4:14)

The world is looking for a rock solid (His carved out cistern) testimony of hope and confidence in God. Be that example in Christ!

Through the intimacy of our relationship, you are being transformed from the inside out. As you keep you focus on Me, I form you into the one I desire you to be….” from Jesus Calling by Sarah Young p 26

Love you and Be His Vessel

Brother Walt

About Walt

Self-employed with my own business, Northern Dutchess Locksmith
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