Book Review on Look Unto Me by Charles Spurgeon

Hebrews 13:5look unto me

Wouldn’t the troubles of this life, the pain of death, our hidden secret sins, the traps of Satan, trials sent from above , and temptations sent from below all seem as ‘light and momentary troubles’ (2 Cor. 4:17) when we hide ourselves beneath this fortress: ‘God has said.’ May this teach us how important it is to ‘diligently study the Scriptures’ (John 5:39)

In fact, there may be a promise in God’s Word that exactly fits your situation, but if you do not know it, you will miss the comfort it could bring. At times you may be like a prisoner in a dungeon with a key chain full of keys, knowing one of the keys would unlock the door and bring you freedom. Yet you remain a prisoner because you refuse to look for the key, while all the time your liberty is so close at hand.

From Look Unto Me by Charles Spurgeon p52

Dear Ones,

You may think it is difficult or boring to read material written in the 19th century. Let me reassure you there is a great blessing to be found in these works.

I especially enjoy the sermons of Charles Spurgeon which are still published in volumes. However, if you want a great way to start investigating these gems you can obtain a copy of Look Unto Me.

You will find spiritual gems for each day of the year! And when you finish on the 31st you can begin anew on January 1st. There is so much content here that it will take years to digest so many wonderful teachings. Each so in love with the Lord.

Love you and keep reading, you will be a blessing!

Brother Walt

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