Ministry moment

Recently I was doing an estimate for one of my motel accounts and as we discussed her plans for expansion etc. the conversation somehow turned toward Naomi’s love for writing.

She was interested in what we wrote about and I tride to explain our purpose and intent in ministry and spiritual matters.

As we left the office together we continued our conversation concerning her motel access control dilemma.

As I approached my service van she changed the subject to something that was on her mind; something personal and not at all the reason I was there.

She stated, “I see you are level headed and sound in judgement, can you help me with this situation? ”

“Of course” I said, and listened to her explanation of the problem. I gave her some suggestions to consider and general applications that applied.

My point is that sometimes we forget hoimportant a word of testimony and life impressions are to the lost and hungry world. People are open to good news and godly people. And that is our calling.

Love you can be a blessing,


About Walt

Self-employed with my own business, Northern Dutchess Locksmith
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