Ministry Moment

This ministry moment happened to me several yeback ago. I had a sebaceous cyst on my back for many years until one day it decided to erupt and became infected. Obviously I needed some medical help and in my attempt to secure an appointment from the new practice my doctor had merged into I was told it would take eight weeks to see him and that was that!

I had completed a job in the village and was walking back to my service parked in the cvs parking area when a red village highway department truck pulled in beside me. “Hey Walt-how’s it going?”

“Not so good”, I exclaimed.

“Wait a minute we’ll pull over and talk,” John and Tony jumped out of the truck and greeted me with our usual hugs.

“Ouch! That hurt,” I grimaced. “I have an infected cyst on my back and can’t see a doc for eight weeks.”

John said “Why don’t you see our doctor; he’s a wonderful man and will see you right away.” Tony immediately dialed his cell phone and got all the info for me, and yes, I did get the cyst taken care of before it got worse.

I asked John to pray for me right where we were in the parking lot. As Tony and John stood beside me and prayed I could see what Paul had in mind when he wrote “bear one another’s burdens!” Galatians 6:22. And the cysts too!

Here we have a beaten up traveler in the literal highway of life and two good Samaritans anointing and aiding the sick (me).

i have a little scar on my back from the doctor’s scalpel and I have a huge imprint on my heart from the love my brothers showed me.

Always be ready to lend a hand to someone in need and don’t worry if they don’t belong to you church. Ministry is a universal and continual program and Jesus wants to use you both inside and outside the church setting.

P.S. read my poem “I’ve got your back” dedicated to Tony and John.

love you and be a blessing

Brother Walt

About Walt

Self-employed with my own business, Northern Dutchess Locksmith
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1 Response to Ministry Moment

  1. unanimous says:

    All of us have a little Tony and John in us. Our eyes and ears just need to be open to see and hear what HE has for us to offer others.

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