Reflection on His blessing

blessed imageMy heart begins to break when I see how blessed I am. It isn’t a feeling coming from my own effort to cultivate a grateful heart but comes from the Savior’s touch. He touched my eyes, the eyes of my heart, and I see the goodness of God. My natural sight was dim, disillusioned by the world around me that always seeks for more. Striving. Ungrateful. In haste unable to see God.
But by His grace He brought my heart to a place of quietness. There His Spirit within stirs me, welling my heart with grateful praise.

Stop be grateful.

God dwells in the praises of his people.

Blessed beyond measure.

Day by day, a gift from god. Each person in my life a precious blessing.

This awareness overflows my heart to joy and love.

Burns within me the fire of His spirit.

To know Him.

Just to have him open my eyes to gratitude is one of the greatest blessings of all

Join me in asking him to continually open our eyes to his amazing blessings in our lives.

Through this prayer I find my heart is changing. When He pours into my heart to knowledge of His goodness I am broken from myself. Freed to love others when abandon, joy and almost glee.


Because I have become invisible as He alone is visible. My eyes no longer see me in the insecurity and self-consciousness but see Him….goodness. And I am grateful that He would touch such a wretch as me.

About Naomi Fata

My name is Naomi Fata. I'm a wife, mom, work at home mom, writer and coach. I love to encourage others in faith, family and business. When I'm not sewing, writing, or encouraging you might find me buried in a book or jogging on the treadmill. You can follow my journey through facebook, twitter or instagram
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