Faithfulness in little things

Faithfulness in littleThis quote is from A Chance to Die, the biography of Amy Carmichael, missionary to India. I remember hearing about her work since I was a child at Bible School and treasured in my heart the legacy of faith that she left.

What a reminder to be faithful in all that God gives us to do, even the little things.



About Naomi Fata

I am a wife, work from home mom with three amazing children, author of Beyond Head Knowledge knowing Christ who satisfies our Hearts. Iā€™m an ordinary person who has found victory in an extraordinary God. My passion is to help others grow to emotional and mental wholeness and healing in Christ. I am currently studying as a life coach through Light University.
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4 Responses to Faithfulness in little things

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  3. vina mogg says:

    Thank you for this reminder…I am a caregiver for my mom, and this was a needed encouragement today!

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