A Christmas Poem

“A Christmas Poem”


The King of all Kings,

So lowly a birth

For such immeasurable worth.

They sought for a King,

A ruler on a throne.

Instead came a babe,

A servant, in a manger.


They thought He would reign,

But He came to serve

The One to save the world,

So Worthy, So Deserving,

Became a Servant for those

Who deserved not to be served;

He loved those who loved not.


A disappointment to some,

But in so being,

He brought hope to all.


He loved so deeply

That He would not even call

Twelve legions of angels

To break His fall.


He gave so freely

Though we deserved death,

He sent His Son,

So free from sin.

For my iniquities, He gave

So I could have life

For only a seed of mustard.


He took those curses,

Those mockings, that scorn,

That should have been mine,

Those crowns of thorn.


He became nothing for me,

So that I could be free

For to Him

I was worth His very life.


When on that tree,

I was the one that crucified Him.

Yet He knew my name

And chose not to blame.

Instead on His lips,

“Father, forgive.”

In spite of the fact,

That I was His murderer.

His eyes contained no hate

For the one who spat,

Who cursed, who condemned.

No, only Love was crucified

For He could not lie.


For me He came to die.

Yet not to stay dead.

But He conquered death

And rose from that bed.


How could I reject such a gift,

Given with such care?

He gave from His heart

Such tender love there.


He who became nothing for me,

Is now everything to me.

For He is come that I might have life

And that I may have it more abundantly.


~December 25th, 2010

-Written by Kristen Michelle Langner

About Michelle

I do real. Which means I love hard and fall harder. Most people don't know what to do with that. But I'm me. As for dreams, well. Maybe someday I'll find the courage to again. In the meantime, my yearning is to truly know the One who created desire, and somehow hope He will ignite a desire in others to know Him through knowing me, too.
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