A Storm in the Midst of Obedience:

Mark 4:35-41, 5:1

Jesus said “Let us cross over to the other side.” Jesus was asking the disciples to do something and they were obedient and certainly in God’s will as they got into the boat and began rowing to the other side

As we read on we see a great windstorm arose almost sinking the little boat. Of course Jesus was with them and calmed the storm and their fears.

Then we read;

they came to the other side of the sea….

Did you ever think to yourself; “what might have happened to other boats that night during the windstorm? Without Jesus with them I bet many boaters met a terrible end!

We learn from this simple illustration that even though we are obedient and in God’s will for our life we can still meet hardship, trial and pain. But we also learn that with Jesus by our side we have nothing to fear because He is always protecting us and calming the storms of life.

He will ultimately bring us to the other side and an eternity beyond description! Thank You Jesus!

John 14Love  you an be at peace,

Brother Walt


Note this was a four part series
1. Bee Careful
2. A Way Out
3. Times and Seasons of Trial
4. A Storm in Obedience (this post)

About Walt

Self-employed with my own business, Northern Dutchess Locksmith
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