Let It Go ~ An essential step in becoming whole again


Have you ever felt like something was holding you back?   Something stuffed inside a dark place, so heavy, that the weight was too much to bear?

I believe we go in waves of this feeling, sometimes we can get past it quite quickly by enacting the act of “Letting Go” and at other times, the hurt is so deep that we hold on.   We hold on and stuff it deep allowing it to seep inside our soul.

When we hold onto the hurt, it stops us for becoming all that we can be and from experiencing inner peace.

For me, there were so many hurts in my life that I stuffed and stored them deep down inside.   My insides were broken, and the weight was so heavy that I couldn’t carry it.   I was shackled with pain.

Sometimes, we do not realize how the hurt is holding us in shackles.

How did I let go?
  • I excavated my past and started searching my soul for the life events that made an imprint.  I then grabbed a pen, and sorted through the feelings and blame.
  • I wrote a message to the boy that bullied me for a good portion of my childhood, and told him I forgave him and hoped that he would never experience the same pain.
  • I wrote a message to the 4 boys that sexually assaulted me as a teenager, and forgave them.  I forgave them for hurting me so deep inside.  I forgave myself for trusting.   
  • I forgave the ones that loved me for not seeing the pain I felt so deep inside.
  • I forgave myself for making a choice that changed our lives forever.

Letting go can be difficult, because it often involves forgiveness.  Sometimes that forgiveness is a mountain of hurt.    But forgiveness does not mean reconciliation.    The beauty in forgiveness is it is something we can control.  Reconciliation involves two parties where both admit to wrong doings and learn to let go and move on.  The key to reconciliation is that both sides own their behavior.   We have no control over reconciliation.

Sometimes we just need to let go of the relationship completely because it is not good for us.   God wants a better life for us, and there are times where He steered his people out of bad relationships into something better (when the Israelites left Egypt).

What is holding you back?  Is it time to let go of the past?

Is a there a relationship that is zapping you dry?

Did someone hurt you?

Did something happen in your life where there is a whole lot of blame?

Forgive and let it go my friend…

Let it go in order to feel whole again.

Let Him lead you to a better place………………..

May you be blessed my friend ~Ness


Micah 7:18 New International Version (NIV)

18 Who is a God like you, who pardons sin and forgives the transgression of the remnant of his inheritance? You do not stay angry forever but delight to show mercy.

About nesschesters

Broken neck survivor, fractured my C1 and am still walking around with a displaced fracture. I am God's miracle. Life is a journey, every step we take brings us closer to our destiny. Love to live this life to the fullest. loves family, Jesus, learning to live this wonderful life.
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