A 21st Century Psalm

You always surround us to shield and protect our way
You are always about us to smooth the wrinkles after a bad day.
Thank you Lord for your continued care and love.
The strength we receive daily is from Heaven above.
You are always above us to lift us out of our sorrow and pain.
You are always beneath us as we fall from life’s harsh terrain.
Thank you Lord that with us you lovingly abide
With gentleness you draw near that we may confide
You are always inside us to comfort and to teach
You are always beside us to reflect your love that the world we may reach.
Thank you Lord that you joy will ever grow.
As we serve you now and throughout eternity your blessings continually flow.
by Walter Irwin ©2007


About Walt

Self-employed with my own business, Northern Dutchess Locksmith
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    A 21st Century Psalm

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