Be Still





  One morning, as I was watching a precious brother-in-the-Lord, on T.V., he shared several Scriptures, the one I want to bring forth is John 15:19.

“The Son is able to do nothing of Himself.”

As I saw that My Spirit jumped within me. Before we come to Jesus(receive Him as Savior and Lord) we are servants, we serve, whether it be our jobs our families, etc. In our jobs (even if we own the company), we serve ( if we want to be successful). Same in marriage, we serve one another. In Romans 8:14, it is written,” Sons of God are led by the Spirit of God”. Just like cattle are driven, sheep are let, there is a difference. Jesus is called our Good Shepherd (John 10), as Jesus walked this earth, and only did what His Father told Him to do, that is also what the Father desires of us, to be led by His Holy Spirit. Jesus spent a lot of time with His Father, and when He wasn’t sure what to do (Mark 11:11,15-17), He waited until He heard from Him, then He did. He not only drove out the money changers, overturned tables, didn’t allow people to use the temple as a short cut, but then He did something else, He taught them (verse 17). He wanted them to see what they did wrong, and how to right it. In Ephesians 1:4-5 God calls us sons, there is a lot of difference between a son and a servant. A son is the heir of all things. A son also serves, just as we see the example of Jesus serving His disciples and those around Him.

Too many times we forget to wait, and be still, and run ahead of Him, He always has a perfect timing in all things, but He is a patient teacher. So there are tests and situations that we get in, that we get in over and over again until we get it right. In Mark 11:11, Jesus observed the following day (Mark 11:12,15-17) He did. I believe a lot of things we go through in this life could have been adverted, if we only took the time to ask God and wait until He instructed us.

When King David, inquired of the Lord, He did well. It was when he didn’t ask, that he messed up. Oh, if only we could learn to learn by the examples, the lives that the Lord shows us in His Holy Word. But we have the most perfect one to look at and follow, His name is Jesus! He lived a life holy and pure before the Father. As we learn to do things Jesus’ way, we will get Jesus’ results!

Some would say, “ I don’t have time to spend with the Lord”. I heard a brother say,” You will make time for what is important to you”. I have been learning that as I spend time with the Lord, I ask Him to redeem my time (He is called our redeemer), and I’m finding out I get more done, in a shorter time, and I’m not as tired.

Many times God will have us wait on the answer, so that when it comes, He gets all the glory! Don’t be impatient, Be Still and know that God is and He is a re warder of those who seek Him. The time varies, many times because of circumstances. He might say wait, He might say no, He might say in a little while, and if you don’t hear right away, wait  until you do hear, then do what He says, and you will do well. Remember PRAY-HEAR-OBEY! Nothing said – wait until we hear, Be Still! AMEN!

About Naomi Fata

My name is Naomi Fata. I'm a wife, mom, work at home mom, writer and coach. I love to encourage others in faith, family and business. When I'm not sewing, writing, or encouraging you might find me buried in a book or jogging on the treadmill. You can follow my journey through facebook, twitter or instagram
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