Vicarious Love

viarious loveRecently a friend of mine gave my daughter a beautiful handmade gift to express thanks to me?!!?

Her statement to me was ‘I know how much you love your daughter and I thought that giving her this gift would bless you more than if I gave a gift directly to you!

It took some time to process this and put everything into perspective, but I eventually began to paint a mental picture about expressing a loving relationship to the Lord in this dynamic way.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could physically sit on His lap or hug and kiss Him! But we can not. But wait; it is possible to share our love to Him in a similar way.

whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers/sisters of mine, you did it for ME. Matthew 25:40

Father God is so excitingly blessed when we show kindness, patience, helps, and sincere love etc. towards others.

Remember to live life for Him and you will become a great blessing to others. And to live a life of love to others is to totally bless Him.

Love you and be a blessing

Brother Walt©2015

About Walt

Self-employed with my own business, Northern Dutchess Locksmith
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