Rain-Streaked Glass Panes-A Poem

There are times when pain is too deep for words, and even for tears. So I share a poem I’ve written, in hopes that it will lift others in their pain. May you know that God is with you.


Rain-streaked glass panes

Adorn this summer night.

Lightning rents the sky,

Illuminating the darkness

That so long has filled

My heart with fright.

Years have passed since

Those winter days of anguish,

When gloves became stained

And eyes were choked

Of tears, when questioning

The Master’s plan

Left my heart barren.


Still, summer brings rains

That seem to dim

My eyes,

And make me question

My whys.


Power to Him does belong,

And He is well-able

My joy to prolong.

He surely did well,

Carried me to His table.

And you’ll surely tell,

Though a different desire

Remains in you, my soul.

He again seems to require,

He appears to test you,

To wrest you to the full.

Yet know, weary heart,

He is still able to rescue.


You dread this part,

Certain that His heart

Means only to abuse

His treasured one use.

My soul, be still!

You taste and see

His goodness to fill

The needs of empty,

His stirring to bind

And heal the broken,

His passion to set

The wounded free.

Oh! Look how He

Paid for your debt.

Then, oh my soul,

And only then, dare

To believe the lie

From the enemy’s lair.


Summer rains fall,

As adorned windows streak.

He still cries with me,

And comforts me weak.

With tender words forever

Mine, and promises He

Never ceased to speak.

In the midst of

Blame and failure bleak,

His Words my heart retains.

Though pain still is wrought,

And hope distant remains,

My unbelief ceases to

Hide His face.

For He is here,

Holding me through pains.

No matter how I slip,

His righteousness is not

Dependent upon my grip.

He is ever Constant;

He is ever Here.

Fears will reside,

Doubts will subside.

No matter what may come,

No matter how He answers,

This truth is sure:

His heart is good,

He will do what

Is best,

And in that

I can rest.


~May 12, 2015


Written by Kristen Michelle Langner

About Michelle

I do real. Which means I love hard and fall harder. Most people don't know what to do with that. But I'm me. As for dreams, well. Maybe someday I'll find the courage to again. In the meantime, my yearning is to truly know the One who created desire, and somehow hope He will ignite a desire in others to know Him through knowing me, too.
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