Poems Topically

This is a topical listing of poetry.This page is still under construction.

Feel free to print these poems, using them to share with others, but please respectfully acknowledge the copyright. We write to encourage the body of Christ and rejoice in any way these might be used to do so. God Bless you all.


Perfect Faith

Relationship with God

Come Remember Me

God is There

Horizon: The relationship between God and us when we become hidden in Him (post) (pdf)

I Heard You

In the Presence of the King: Set free in His presence

The Love of God: God’s love is like a river, filling our hearts to bursting.

Manna: He gives us the daily bread of strength that we need.

Rest in the Beauty: In the beauty of God’s creation there is an opporunity to fellowship with God. (post) (pdf)

Silence of Solitude

Still Heart: He longs to queit our hearts to draw close to Him.


The First Christmas

Serving God

A Call to Service

In His Time

Mission Present


Heart Filled


No Need to Worry :

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