The First Christmas

The First Christmas

The first Christmas was long ago and we are told
That out in the field the shepherds did hear
Singing from the angels that were near.
“Hark”, said the angels from the sky so clear
“A babe, a king, has been born in a manager near.”
The shepherds ran as fast as they were able
To that very small stable.
They saw the babe sleeping there
So precious, and so fair.
They heard his mother, Mary, softly sing
To welcome her son, the new born King.
The shepherds told all they were able
Of the precious babe born in the stable.
We celebrate Christmas but once a year.
Which is full of laughter and good cheer
Thanks to our Lord and Savior who was born in that stable so dear.
So let us not forget the love that was shared
And tell all, just as the shepherds did, of the birth of our Lord who cares.

By Melissa McAvoy

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