toolshedAs part of learning to be used by God, we know that preparation has a great deal to do with it. There are many resources available to us, like small books that might be helpful for different situations, tools for encouragement such as cards and so much more. We endeavour to have materials readily available so that when the Lord leads us to minister to someone we are already prepared.

Feel free to use our printable resources, or be encouraged to stock some of the same materials in your home, car, workplace or business to use as He leads you.

Book Reviews: Various Christian book reviews

Greeting Cards: Free Printable Greeting Cards with Scripture and poem

Ministry Ideas: Being a servant is the most important part of ministry. Here are some unique ideas for serving others.

Ministry Rack: These books and booklets are great resources to help you be prepared to share the Lord with others. We are always looking for new materials that will speak to the needs of hurting hearts.

Sunday School Resources: currently the Sunday school resources we have compiled are based off Regular Baptist Press as Naomi and Tony teach a 5th-6th grade class in their church using this curriculum.

Online Bible Study Resources: A list of several great resources to help study the Word for children and adults.

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