Trust Me

We pray for those we love and commit ourselves to their well being and spiritual growth. But sometimes situations, conditions and events do not seem to retract its torturous grip in their suffering souls.

It is so hard to see this suffering so we are driven into our prayers zones for relief; not only for these loved ones but also for ourselves to gain understanding and patience.

We feel Father God’s presence and we can feel His power as we review all He has done for us (and others) in the past. But, regardless of these many blessings we still ask; Why! How long this suffering?

Recently I experienced this kind of waffling in my own mind and it is not a good feeling. I know the Lord understand, but I did ask Him “How long the wait?”

What I did learn was His depth of understanding of our positions and conditions in life; obviously because He lived as one of us here on earth. So nothing is a surprise to Him (Thank you Lord for your love!) Oh, and never try to hide your feelings because He already knows what you feel.

As I was driving along, in this sad condition of disappointment that things had not changed after much prayer and declaration of His promise, I was quieted by His presence with me as if He was going to say something I needed to hear. And in that quietness and peace I heard Him say so softly into my spirit, “TRUST ME.” That made all the difference, as He lifted my melancholy state of mind. My spirit leaped into emotional healing and hope.

As soon as I could I retreated to my study closet to read the Word and feel His presence. And these are some verses I found. It would help if you could memorize these verses as words against Satan’s attack.

Malachi 3:10 the Father says “Test me and prove me. He wants our fears and doubts so He can shower us with His love.

1 Peter 2:6 NIV and Isaiah 26:16 “the one who trusts in Him will never be put to shame”

1 Peter 1:7 NIV trials come so that you faith …may be proved genuine.

Job 13:15 KJV

As I was wrestling with my study books tonight an envelope popped out and hit my arm. I remembered it was sent to me last year by my best friend as an encouragement to me. I slid the card our and it read in big bold letters Psalm 40:14 HOW BLESSED IS THE MAN WHO HAS MADE THE LORD HIS TRUST! I love the way He talks to us – keep seeking Him, you will never be disappointed!

Dear Reader be blessed in Him

Love you

Bro Walt © 2016

About Walt

Self-employed with my own business, Northern Dutchess Locksmith
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