Perfect Faith

Perfect Faith


Anxiety, fear and stress

There is so much in life that will depress.


What will happen if I follow this direction?

Will I hear His voice if I need correction?


Will there be trouble along life’s dark corridor?

Can I trust Him to open the safety door?


My human nature is to apprehend.

I look to Him for strength to amend.


If He send me to an unknown place

If He asks me to trust Him whatever the case


If He asks me to sacrifice something I love

I know even this was a gift from above.


I will run to His Word for help I need find.

I have always found that He is so kind.


There is nothing I have that I claim as my own.

It seems in Scripture that I am not alone.


I read in the beginning Father Abraham was told

To sacrifice Issac as a picture would soon unfold.


Would he lay his dear son on that hard stony altar

Or would he from fear stumble and falter?


Such perfect faith is clearly seen before the journey started.

As Abraham said to his servants “We’ll be back” before they departed.


We’ll be back to worship, we’ll be together as before,

We’ll be back to praise the Lord we adore.


I see perfect faith is before any task.

It says God’s will is accomplished before we even ask.


“Thank You for what Your will do,” before we receive-

This all happens for His glory to those who believe.


By Walter Irwin

printable pdf version


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