A Call to Service

A Call to Service

Another walk with God.A Call to Service Bookmark
Another talk with God.
I’m finding that I need to know.
As into my heart He does flow.
Another open door.
Another opportunity shown.
I’m finding His will each day.
Glowing brightly as the sun’s golden ray.
Another quench of my fears.
Another provision for needs.
I’m finding His supply is always ready.
His undergirding beams are strong and steady.
Another chance to share His Word.
Another day to pray for open hearts.
I’m finding His power beyond compare.
As He reveals Himself with gentle care.
Another time to see I am of clay.
Another spin on the potter’s wheel.
I’m finding His remarkable forming hand.
As a vessel is fashioned to meet the demand.
Another heart open to Christ.
Another hand is lifted to praise.
I’m finding this work is filled with glee,
And with this you will all have to agree.
Jesus is our all and all
Always be ready to answer

By Walter Irwin

A Call to Service Bookmark

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