Ministry Rack

Resource Rack in our workplace

Resource Rack in our workplace

This example of a ministry rack is located at Love Stitches (custom sewing workshop). Each of us has a different work environment, whether self-employed or working for others. But we can all prepared and available to share the gospel.

These are some of the resources we have found helpful in serving the Lord.

heaven for realHeaven is For Real: The true story of a 4 year-old’s account of heaven. Great read for those who are doubting. (review by Christian Resource) . Purchase from



imageThe Promise of Security by Beth Moore. This booklet speaks especially to women, encourages all to find security in Christ. (review by Christian Resource) or (Purchase from



Jesus CallingJesus Calling by Sarah Young. Amazing daily devotional for the entire year. Speaks to all hearts longing for peace, Christian and non-Christian alike. (mentions of Jesus Calling on Christian Resource) (Purchase from


20140712-062133-22893250.jpgQuestions of Life Outreach Books put out by Alpha. All books By Nicky Gumbel. 12 Booklets cover topics like: How does God Guide Us? , How to Pray, Why did Jesus die?, Who is Jesus, Does God Heal Today?, Who is the Holy Spirit? These are a great resource for non-Christians as well as Christians who may have questions about their faith. (click to order from Alpha)

life without fearImagine Your Life Without Fear booklet by Max Lucado. Fear is a common thread among all people – fear of the future – fear of losing a loved one or finances but how do we face fear? (click to order from


100_3291Printable bookmark poems: We offer many of our writings in printable bookmarks. Feel free to use them in anyway you feel led. If God has given you a gift for writing poetry formatting your writing into bookmarks are a great way to be able to share.


BeyondHeadKnowledge_24MARBeyond Head Knowledge: Knowing Christ who Satisfies Our Hearts by Naomi Fata. A book by one of our own, this is a great resource for those who have questions about faith, struggle to trust God or long for greater fellowship with Him. (Available through amazon)



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