Mission Present

Mission Present

Early up and out the door.

The mission field as never before.


I want to serve my Lord today

I trust Him to give me the words to say


I don’t have to serve in some distant land

A place where a camel could walk in the sand


I could clean the floor, flip an egg or cut a key.

If it’s a place to share Christ, there I want to be


I am a missionary when I step out the door

Here where I am my spirit will soar.


If He wants me to serve in an unknown place,

Or to serve needy people of a distant race.


If He wants me to serve in the place I now rest,

A missionary I will be and I will be blessed.


Whatever, whenever, whoever is my cry.

To share God’s salvation to those who will die


To pull them back from the flames of eternal torment

This is my call, my mission present.


By Walter Irwin

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